What I'm Reading: The Circle by David Eggers

I'm currently reading a dystopian novel, The Circle by David Eggers.

Plot: The novel creates a world where the internet and most people's lives have been taken over by one super social network, The Circle. A semi-parody on Facebook and Apple, the company is the one-stop portal for everyone's cyber needs, which gradually overtakes and consumes every aspect of people's lives. Inevitably the company wields its power in increasingly cynical ways, spreading its tentacles into the world of politics, medicine and psychological control.

Characters: The protagonist Mae is a new employee at The Circle. The novel charts her involvement with the company as her feelings towards it evolve from enthusiasm to fear. Other key characters include Annie, a longtime friend of Mae and senior employee at The Circle, Kladen a mysterious love interest of Mae's and the 'Three Wisemen': the bosses of the circle - loosely based on real life Silicon Valley giants: Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

Themes: The book explores the extent to which people are voluntarily seceding power to cyber corporations in the name of progress and transparency.

Questions: how much is social media manipulating us to share our lives for cynical means?