Year 9 Spag Feedback

Please copy and paste the following into a blog post of your own and correct all the mistakes in the following sentences. In particular, there are many errors of capitalisation and sentence demarcation.

Before giving my opinion, it is better to clear out what the media is The business dictionary’s definition of the media is

He went to an organisation that was masked off as a Tax firm however was an elaborate scheme to traffick drugs into the Country of Mexico

I think that, the internet is a way of people to protest against them, they can communicate and start groups and their arguments over the internet

One day a man was taken in by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and was used as a Bio-Chemist to create and enhance certain people, this was all covered up by the police and was said to be a massive drug bust in the middle of Mexico city.
Buzzing sounds reached Hannah ears as she tumbled to the ground as Adam barged her forcing himself to reach to the machine first.

Hannahs alarm clock rang incessantly until finally her arm decided to wake up and shove it across the room.
The C.I.A ran into his house because they found out about all the torturing that he did and the pain he caused to animals, they killed him for justice.

Could something that had it’s own conscious thoughts disobey orders from humans, connect to things like the internet and learn.

He shrugged it off, excusing it as his paranoia of the ever growing neighbouring kingdom, led by The Dictator Erwin

He was a very impatient and selfish King, who never liked waiting.
Personally I think that people’s thoughts are controlled by the internet and social media because most people think that everything on the internet it true

Once upon a time there was a group of people who worshipped Satan, they also hated the italian president, Jerry was the leader of this group.

 I think that media may be controlling our thoughts, I feel like this because, when we read a news article online, on websites and pages we wouldn't really see all the time, we still tend to believe it and then it gets bigger and more people start believing it because, we post it on our social medias for example, on Facebook.

Well, i think that people are controlled and you're going to find out,also i will tell you about the fake news and how people are controlled.


  1. This hurt my feelings and feelings matter more than facts.


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